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It’s no surprise in this day and age that prolonged sitting and standing while at work, or even while enjoying everyday life can cause poor posture, which ultimately can result in back pain or discomfort. Lucky for you, that’s where our comfortable posture corrector comes in handy… 

The so-called ‘slouching’ that many of us are guilty of can also result in poor back alignment if steps are not taken to correct this. One way to achieve this is by wearing a comfortable posture corrector for back support. These can help align the back correctly and potentially ease back pain and discomfort. 

Posture Lab offers a comfy corrector that will provide you with posture alignment, while making sure you don’t strain the neck, shoulders or back muscles. 

A posture corrector may allow you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and not have to worry about potential back issues, and over time, they may also act as a trigger within the brain when you don’t have it on to ensure your posture is straight and upright.  

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Before purchasing a posture corrector, it is important to understand how they work and may benefit you.

Posture correctors are fully adjustable to your spine, body shape and weight. Using the corrector may fix your back into place so that you may improve your posture over time in a way that is comfortable to you. It is important the corrector offers you a comfortable fit. 

If you naturally slouch or hunch, the corrector does exactly what it says on the tin and aids in pulling your shoulders back to straighten your posture which helps realign your posture until it feels natural and comfortable.

When worn correctly, they do not cause any discomfort or irritation.

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Posture Corrector




The office desk is one of the most notorious for a bad posture due to the hunching effect created when we learn forward to type on the keyboard. Depending on our job, this could occur for hours each day. Wearing a posture corrector at work may help you sit comfortably, while maintaining a good posture.


While it is not advised to train in the gym with a posture corrector, they may be very beneficial for those who like to walk outdoors, whether it’s in your own neigbourhood, the local park, or even along the beach. You can now maintain your posture while keeping active.


Due to the time usually taken to cook, you can find yourself slouching while preparing food. Using a posture corrector during meal preparation is a great way to get the minutes needed to help correct your posture.

There is no set place to wear a posture corrector. Wherever you feel most comfortable, ensure that you take the time to aid your own posture for long term health benefits.

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How Long Should YouR Wear YOUR POSTURE LAB?

This all depends on the current strength of your back and your existing posture. Those who have a noticeable posture issue (e.g. slouching or hunching) may struggle to wear the device for 30 minutes a day and may experience slight aching/discomfort due to a sudden change in posture.

Posture correctors can be more effective the more they are worn. Initially, aim to wear the corrector for 30 minutes, but if you experience discomfort, remove immediately. Should you experience ongoing discomfort, please consult your GP or physiotherapist/chiropractor. 

As your posture becomes more upright and natural over time, begin to reduce the time wearing the corrector.

The beauty of our correctors is that they are designed with practicality in mind, which means you can wear them underneath your clothing if preferred.



To make things easier, we will also send you a simple step-by-step user manual with each posture corrector to ensure you’re on the right track. 

Posture Corrector User Guide

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